If you are thinking about losing some wieght, and you are looking for a good way to do it, without starving yourself, this may be the diet for you. The book, the 4-hour body by Timothy Ferriss is my refererence source. So come along, and share your thoughts, experiences and let's get small!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

eating day

Another eating day. Blue berry muffin tops for breakfast. Grilled cheese for lunch. Amazing bread with that, by the way. I've been craving good bread and cheese. Had a piece of pizza for dinner. I know, one. Topped it off with small container of gellato. Glass of milk with ovaltine. I have been giving Tony ovaltine every night at dinner. It was wonderful. That's it. I'm full. Feel like I should keep eating but that would be just a plain waste of food.

New pic of my tummy! My size 4's actually fit today. At 119? That's weird. Can't wait for 110! Back at it tomorrow!

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