If you are thinking about losing some wieght, and you are looking for a good way to do it, without starving yourself, this may be the diet for you. The book, the 4-hour body by Timothy Ferriss is my refererence source. So come along, and share your thoughts, experiences and let's get small!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 3, week 2

So far, looks to be about a pound a day in weight loss. Not bad. I like this diet because I can see visible results daily, which really motivates me to keep on keeping on. Saturday is "Eating Day" and shoot, I can make it to Saturday. It's not a depriving kind of diet. I eat. I can even drink wine. I miss cheese. Cheese is for Saturday. Everyone stopped at Sonic tonight and got milkshakes. I came home and had my jello. sigh.
I bought the 15 bean dried bean soup package at the grocery store, cooked em up and now I have quite a bean-ige variety stash to add to whatever I'm cooking. Very tasty. Loving Avocados. Still not enjoying breakfast. All I could handle was two scrabled eggs. Lunch was avo, tomato, and beans. Dinner was a great salad at a restaurant in KC. Black beans, corn, great lettuce variety, avo, tomatoes, and a vinergaret dressing. You already know about the jello.
I think I'm into this now, and not too afraid of going off the diet. I actually KNOW I'll be seeing my old body and that's a miracle. It's hard enough to lose wieght when you are 58 years old. It's not like I was when I was 24, and could drop 10 pounds in a week. Thanks Timothy for all the hard work in figuring this all out. Couldn't do it without you!

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