If you are thinking about losing some wieght, and you are looking for a good way to do it, without starving yourself, this may be the diet for you. The book, the 4-hour body by Timothy Ferriss is my refererence source. So come along, and share your thoughts, experiences and let's get small!

Monday, January 24, 2011

day 3, week 5 or something close to that

It's Monday. 119 this morning, so that's a relief. I can't really tell that my body has changed, but everyone else can. My riding pants won't stay up. My tummy used to keep them up. Two eggs from breakfast and coffee. It was such a nice day, it was eat lunch or ride a horse. Even my horse wanted to go out and play. We played. Just aite dinner, asparagus, spinich, bbq chic breast, beans. I'm stuffed.
54 on Friday, woo hoo! 18 by Sunday. Hope I get to ride a little. Started riding a filly I have loved for a long time today. Just sitting on her while her owner lounged her. I'm not real keen on exercising. Forced myself to go to the gym every day, before I got hurt. Now that I can't exercise, any thing that is outside, and moves my body is like medicine. Horses keep me sane, balanced and give me the only exercise this body sees.
Hope you have something you do, a "thang" that makes you and your body happy. Makes all the difference in the world.

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