If you are thinking about losing some wieght, and you are looking for a good way to do it, without starving yourself, this may be the diet for you. The book, the 4-hour body by Timothy Ferriss is my refererence source. So come along, and share your thoughts, experiences and let's get small!

Friday, January 7, 2011

week 2, day 6

Officially at 121, another pound lost today! I'm just not lovin' the beanage in the mornings. Hard enough to eat eggs. Hard enough to eat. I have noticed my tummy getting growly when I get up. Scrambled eggs and 15 bean concoction this a.m. , and left a lot of the beans on the plate. Chili for lunch. Ham and white beans for dinner. Jello for dessert. I know, I need to eat some veges.
It's Friday, and another Eating day looms. I've got a pop tart with my name on it for breakfast, although I'll probably just do a cheese omelet and some toast. We are going out to dinner tomorrow night to this little chinese restaurant up the road. It doesn't look like much, only open Friday and Saturday, but man is it amaziing. Best chinese I've ever had. Their crab ragoon kicks some serious ass.
Going to the movies after, and will bring all that left over candy from last week. Craving chocolate cake. It helps so much to have this day to play. It really does work to increase your metabolism, plus my energy level is so much better. Since having mono, I've only been able to muster one task a day. I can ride my horse, or clean the kitchen, or clean the living room...then I'd practically have to go to bed for the night. I'm doing better. I still have 11 pounds to go. Or as many pounds as my body decides it doesn't need. I think my body will find it's own comfortable place to be, and settle there. If it's 120, 110, or whatever I think it'll be ok. It's about being healthy, not losing weight.

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