If you are thinking about losing some wieght, and you are looking for a good way to do it, without starving yourself, this may be the diet for you. The book, the 4-hour body by Timothy Ferriss is my refererence source. So come along, and share your thoughts, experiences and let's get small!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

week 6, day 3

I have decided to buy a used elliptical and set it up in the living room. Have to wait for the blizzard, no really...-9 and blizzard conditions, to end so we can go pick it up. If I don't move, I don't lose. I know this diet is supposed to work without exercise, but it moves at the pace of death if I don't move. Ounces, not pounds lost. And ounces, my friend do not show up on the scale, or the tape measurer.
Scrambled eggs and coffee this morning. I am finally hungry in the morning, and not that familiar sick feeling I used to get when I woke up. My body is getting familiar with eating breakfast, and even enjoying it. Dr. Oz said it's best to eat at 7:30 a.m. for optimal weight loss. Exercise at 6:30. I don't do anything at 6:30 a.m., even if it feels good. Give me a break, I'm at least going to try this exercise thang. I used to work out every day before that snowboarder "impacted" my life.
Not so focused on eating day as I was. I'm pretty happy with what I'm eating, and not missing pasta and sugar so much. I wouldn't mind a little cheese on my eggs in the morning, but other than that, I'm good. It was feeling a little like work. You know, Wednesday came around and I was over the hump. Friday I started thinking about all the stuff I wanted to stuff into my face. Saturday morning dawned like I was going to hit Disney World. Hoot!
Katy Perry was asked how she kept her great body and she said, "lean meat, veges, and Sunday I can eat anything I want." Hmmmmm. I'm betting she's made the aquaintence of the 4 hour body. I'm just sayin.

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